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Chortle Award nominees, stars of Radio 4’s Sketchorama and five sell-out Edinburgh Fringe runs in four years, the critically-acclaimed sketch storytellers present Happenstance, a show where things happen…

‘Genius’ (Sunday Times).
‘Gloriously funny’ **** (Time Out).
‘A furnace of invention’ **** (Chortle.co.uk).
‘A mastery of, and love for their craft that is a delight to behold’ **** (Fest).

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Returning after three sell-out, five-star Fringes, Chortle Award nominated sketch-storytellers The Beta Males present a brand new epic sketch show set in a city full of superheroes. Enter a world of capes, crime and chaos as the Betas swoop into a mystery that beats you into a bloody pulp-fiction. Sketch comedy that asks: “Is there a hero inside You?” Definitely not, but come anyway.

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The Space Race

After two sell-out Edinburgh runs, Chortle Award nominees The Beta Males present the secret history of the British space programme and why you’ve never heard of it. The Soviets and America are racing to put the first man on The Moon, but Professor Brian Brilliance vows Blighty will get there first if it kills him. Or them. Or everyone else. A sketch show blasting off in T-minus… 1969.

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Midnight Movie Theatre

Don your TerrorVision specs and scream yourself hoarse with a galaxy of Fringe stars and critically acclaimed hosts The Beta Males at this special shriek-tacular. Using patented Immerso-Vision, the Chortle Award-nominated sketch-storytellers transport you inside a late-nite horror-movie, showing one of the finest creature features or apocalyptic schlockfests the bargain-bucket has to offer. Who knows who… or what lurks in the shadows? Warning: The first two rows may get dead… of thrills!

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The Train Job

Critically-acclaimed sketch troupe, The Beta Males, welcome you aboard a comedy thrillride – a sketch-show hurtling like a juggernaut through a world of hard-boiled cops, gentlemen thieves and a disgraced former Secretary of State for Transport. This train calls at Suspense, Conspiracy and Berwick-upon-Tweed.

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The Bunker

The Beta Males invite you into THE BUNKER for an entirely post-apocalyptic sketch show chock full of mystery, mad scientists, dystopian dictatorships and overly-maternal robots. Thrill as four men from Today sketch the world of Tomorrow, the 273 humans left alive and the last punchlines they’ll ever share…

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